Our commitment to our suppliers in response to the pandemic.

The extraordinary circumstances that we all have experienced over the past months highlight how companies and individuals act.

At Nudie Jeans, to act ethically and responsibly toward customers, suppliers, and retailers, is not a new thing for us — even before COVID-19, we have always operated with responsibility and with firm commitments at our core. Taking action and accountability is now expected to be the “new standard” in ethical business practice, which we fully support. After all, we still believe that we’ll work this out together.

We have followed the developments closely in each country for our own retail staff — trying to be as pragmatic and positive to our team as possible during this extraordinary time.

Towards our wholesale partners, we have had a flexible approach to ensure that they are in the best possible position to sell our products once they begin to re-open.

In our supply chain, we have had a close dialogue with our suppliers, paid manufacturers for finished goods, and goods in production. We have not canceled orders. Also, we prefinanced organic cotton seeds, prepaid fabrics, made advance payments for salaries (at our suppliers) as well as being flexible about delivery dates. We continue to monitor the developments in each country and acting responsibly towards all our stakeholders.

We support many of the global initiatives released during this time. These include the ILO – Call for Action, the COVID-19 statement from the MSI’s including Fair Wear Foundation, The Ethical Fashion Report’s COVID Fashion commitments

In addition, we signed up for the 2020 Circular Fashion pledge committing to help achieve the U.N. Sustainable Development Goal 12 and to increase the work towards a more sustainable and responsible industry.

our responsibility. Out commitments.

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Corporate Fiber and Material Benchmark

Climate action starts at the source of the materials we choose. As the largest peer-to-peer comparison initiative in the fashion and textile industry, the @Textile Exchange #MaterialChangeIndex is driving a race to the top.

Thinking outside the shop: Reinforcing the repairs with ACS
Thinking outside the shop: Reinforcing the repairs with ACS

It was never rocket science, but just because a brilliant idea pops up, clinging to the spark is never a guarantee. Until it becomes a promise.

STICA’s Progress report update — emissions for 2021

Swedish Textile Initiative for Climate Action has just released the most recent Progress Report with data for 2021. The report shares insights into how a majority of Swedish textile brands are progressing toward their climate targets.