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Climate result 2021: we're on the right path

In 2018, we aligned our climate targets with the scientific consensus and within the 1.5° c pathway. And now we’re beginning to see our actions take effect. Sure, we got challenges ahead of us, but we’re taking steps in the right direction.

Scopes 1 and 2 show energy use and emissions from our stores and offices worldwide, representing 2% of Nudie Jeans’ total emissions. Last year, we transitioned toward renewable electricity in many stores and offices. And to cover the electricity use from non-renewable sources, we bought Renewable Energy Certificates. Due to that, we’ve reached beyond the targets we set. However, no rest for the restless, so we keep striving toward using only renewable energy in every store and every office.

emission reduction co2 nudie jeans 2018-2021

Scope 3 is where we find 98% of our emissions total. This Scope covers “indirect emissions,” for example, emissions from our supply chain and transports. Within our supply chain, we see a shift, with some of our bigger suppliers increasing their share of renewable energy and stepping up production efficiency. And we see the effects of their actions reflected in the emission data. Regarding transport, we are still looking to implement measures that will effectively reduce emissions. This is only a scratching of the surface. And. Of course, we hope to see a transition on a larger scale for our industry as a whole.

Sure, we got challenges ahead of us, but we’re taking steps in the right direction. And we wanted to pause for a quick second, to celebrate, and to say thank you.

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