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Curated by Shakarchi & Stranéus

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We know that a lot of you who follow our Spotify series are music fiends, much like us here at Nudie Jeans. This meaning you may be already privy to this Swedish Grammy-nominated artist/producer duo we are about to introduce.

Please meet Gothenburg based, heavy-hitting Shakarchi & Stranéus.

“Harbour City House Life Proper Underground Rave Love” is how the (entire) biography reads for today’s guest curators on their Resident Advisor page.

What makes it somewhat special for us to introduce Shakarchi & Stranéus and this playlist today is that Daniel Stranéus (one half of the duo) is also the musical wizard behind the music in all our recent film productions. The album by Shakarchi & Straneus, entitled ‘Steal Chickens From Men And The Future From God‘ (and possibly one of the longest album titles you will ever come across) was released by the highly regarded Studio Barnhus music collective of Stockholm and earned them a Swedish Grammy nomination.

Curated by Shakarchi & Stranéus is widely worldly, funky and fun and will alleviate any pre-weekend tensions that might be lingering.

As staple figureheads within the Swedish electronic music scene and pioneers in Gothenburg club culture, it is an honor for us to introduce you to our friends and local heroes “Shak & Stran”.

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