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Curated by Simply Suzette

Simply Suzette is an online platform for those who seek responsible denim, bridging the gap between the denim industry and the consumer through behind-the-scenes observations of brands, their production, and trends.

Simply Suzette is founded by sustainable denim and communications specialist Ani Wells. Through her website and social media, Ani encourages consumers to learn more about the origins of their clothing, focusing on denim.

We met Ani while attending the Denim Days conference in Amsterdam during the Tsuyoshi Replica launch. In 2020, Ani has seen a substantial increase in demand for her services as a marketer and strategist. From afar, we could witness Ani joining streamed panel talks, hosting webinars, and going live on Instagram with her clients, slowly but surely becoming a much-needed voice for sourcing #dilligentdenim.

We asked Ani if she could take some time out of her hectic schedule to provide a soundtrack for our ‘Curated By’ subscribers as we ease into the changing of seasons. The result is an eclectic selection of tropical infused pop, r&b, and throwback 90’s hits. Enjoy!

Thank you, Ani!

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