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Welcome to the Nudie Jeans Spotify channel

curated by logo nudie jeans

It’s no secret that music flows strongly throughout the DNA of Nudie Jeans, so the fact that we launched an official Spotify channel may not have come as a surprise to you.

The concept is simple — we invite guests to curate a playlist, these are people that we like and admire, and it is launched exclusively by Nudie Jeans.

If you click here, you will be taken to all our Spotify playlists in one place.
If you want to discover our playlists individually, we've listed those playlists that are published so far here below for you:

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  1. Curated by Simply Suzette

    Simply-Suzette-1x1 Simply Suzette is an online platform for those who seek responsible denim, bridging the gap betwee...
  2. Curated by Shakarchi & Stranéus

    Spotify SNS We know that a lot of you who follow our Spotify series are music fiends, much like us here at Nudie Jea...
  3. Curated by Rome Fortune

    Spotify Rome 1x1 Another Nudie Jeans Spotify playlist for your listening pleasure. Rome Fortune built his place in ...