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We got no grades, but we're still top-ten!

The results are in, and once again, we did good! We placed top 10 among the brands assessed in Australia's largest survey on Ethical fashion.

Baptist World Aid just published their annual Ethical Fashion Report 2022, and we are pleased with this year's results. Find and enjoy the full over at Baptist World Aid!

Our score was A- in last year's report (EFR 2021). In the report for 2022, they changed their grading system and present each brand's performance in relation to the other brands. And we have a few thoughts about the pros and cons. Please note that this is our — Nudie Jeans' — subjective opinion.

Baptist World Aid based this year's report on the robust research methodology they've developed and refined over the past nine years. For 2022, the EFR publishes each brand's score in the survey (out of a possible one hundred total). This builds on the published average score last year, meaning even greater transparency regarding each brand's current performance.

Their aim with the new methodology aims to create better transparency, but is it really for the consumers? We agree that reports like this serve a purpose, and they are well-intended and thoroughly researched. However, they can contribute to misconceptions in the industry.

Our honest, subjective opinion is that the survey lacks the business model aspects. Because the brands aren't assessed by their contribution to overproduction or overconsumption, delivery schedules, and payment terms, topics that impact worker welfare significantly.

Six spotlight issues are considered in depth; tracing beyond the final stage; remediation of labor exploitation when found; payment of living wages; support for worker voice and empowerment; use of sustainable fibers; and commitment to climate action.

These changes help trace the end goal: an industry that respects the dignity and rights of every person affected by its supply chains, actively reducing its planetary impact.

We recommend you read the full report to understand all topics and the scoring.

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