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A few sustainable seconds on why sustainability matters

We just released our annual Sustainability Report. And if you follow us on the regular, you know that we put a lot of work into this matter because it matters — a lot. But why do we do it? — Join us on a tour around Nudie Jeans HQ. Meet our friends and colleagues, and give them a few sustainable seconds to explain why organic cotton and repairs matter.

Do you ever think about sustainability matters? Our environmental manager, Eliina, does it all the time. Give her a few seconds to explain why organic cotton is a no-brainer.

Repairs are more than what meets the eye. Karl at customer care knows how prolonging the life of your jeans decreases environmental impact, and he’s seen the rubbernecking aspects of making them unique.

And with that, we hope you’re ready to take on the Nudie Jeans Sustainability Report 2021

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