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User Stories: Melker

Shar-Bengt-Melker-1-year-4-months facebook

Sharp Bengt worn by Melker for 1 year and 4 months

“I got this pair of Sharp Bengts just before the summer. I wore them every day until the end of the summer the following year. They have been through rain and shine with festivals, fishing trips, at work and everyday life. The hole in the coin pocket is from my earplugs. Being the father of a little guy has taken its toll on the knees, especially the left one. I got some white paint on them while painting my flat. I still haven’t washed them, just turned them inside out and hung them outside. I will try to repair the turn-up rips before washing them, but I think the crotch will have to wait until after that first wash.”

Every pair of Nudie Jeans denim comes with free repairs for as long as the jeans are repairable. This can be done either by us at our Repair Shops, or by you! For those of you living too far away from the Repair Shops, we offer a free Repair Kit. The kit contains all you need to perform repairs on your beloved denim. This is a way to bond even more with you jeans; also, it’s great fun.

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