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  • Organic cotton
  • 14.2 oz. Japanese rigid selvage denim
  • Indigo back pocket embroidery
  • Tobacco thread on all other seams
  • Antique silver trims
  • Zip fly
  • Jacron patch
  • Regular fit
  • Mid waist
  • Straight leg
  • Regular leg opening
100% Cotton
Made in Italy


It is with the warmest of welcomes we greet Gritty Jackson Dry Ace Selvage to our range of selvage jeans. Gritty Jackson is our take on the perhaps most versatile and iconic fit ever - the regular, straight, fit. As such it was inevitable to pair it with the Dry Ace Selvage fabric - one of our absolute favorite selvage fabrics out there.

The Dry Ace Selvage is an utterly beautiful and sturdy 14.2 oz, redcast selvage denim. It is woven by none other than Shinya Mills in Okayama, Japan. The warp yarns have been dip-dyed 20 times in pure indigo, giving the denim its dark, pure indigo, redcast tone. The naturally slubby yarns, woven under low-tension, has produced the perfectly chunky and uneven surface structure, making this fabric hit the very spot where imperfection turns into perfection. And that is by no means without cause, Shinya Mills, being outstandingly great at denim, recreated the Dry Ace Selvage fabric by analyzing the denim of a pair of worn-in jeans from the 50s. Dig that, recreating a dry denim from a washed, worn, and torn pair of jeans – that is some reverse engineering right there!

Now, this is just the starting point from which the Gritty Jackson Dry Ace Selvage will evolve from. See, we appreciate Dry Ace in its dry state - but in its worn-in - washed or unwashed - state it is marvelously good looking. Due to its redcast tone it evolves to a clear blue hue, its uneven structure generates a salt 'n pepper structure, and where abrasions get most predominant the wear will generate clear twill lines. Needless to say, this denim justifies its name. So without further ado - behold the almighty Gritty Jackson Dry Ace Selvage!

Gritty Jackson Dry Ace Selvage