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The dry selvage program is the core and the heart of Nudie Jeans, with our best selvage denim from Japan, Turkey and USA. It's for everyone who loves the process of breaking in a pair of dry denim. We still use the Japanese Kaihara selvage denim that we used for our first dry selvage jeans, only today, we got our own orange selvage edge.

For the layman, it's a white stripe with colored, contrasting yarns woven into the outseam of someone's cuffed jeans. To others, it is craftsmanship at its finest – the pinnacle of denim engineering.

The Nudie Jeans Guide to Selvage Denim

Selvage production is much slower than conventionally produced denim, and only the best raw materials are used. It can be compared to the “slow food” movement; this is slow denim.

Read more about how selvage denim is made.