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Repairing Jeans

We are not doing it for the awards...

…but it is sure nice to get appreciation for the work we do!

Over the years we have won a lot of prizes and awards, mostly in the field of entrepreneurship and sustainability. In 2020, a year which has not turned out the way we thought it would, we are even more happy to see the nominations for our work with Fairtrade cotton, our environmental work and that our CEO is in the running for the Sustainable Leadership award. Below you´ll find a selection of the prizes we have won and the current nominations for 2020.

Awards we have been nominated for:


  • Nominated as top three candidates for the International Faitrade award category Trader as the only Scandinavian company. The winner will be announced in October 2020.

  • Nominated to the Swedish environmental protection agency's Environmental quality objectives prize as one of three in the category Courage and Pace (in Swedish).

Awards we have won:




  • Encouragement for Action – in the category Fashion Retail Talks Sustainability for Nudie Jeans Repair Shops.

  • Good design award – for our circular business model including Repair service, sales of Reuse Jeans and Recycle projects.

  • Habit award – Denim supplier of the year





  • Sportswear International – Best denim


  • Habit award – Fashion export prize

  • Elle magazine - Sustainability Award


  • Habit award - Supplier of the year

  • Elle gala - H&M- scholarship for sustainability


  • Nöjesguiden - Gothenburg prize