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This is Nudie Jeans

It all starts with a pair of drys

When you wear a pair of drys well and long, some magic will come your way.

No matter what your jeans looked like when you bought them, they all started out as a pair of dry denims. Even those pre-washed and pre-distressed favorites of yours were dark indigo denim from the beginning.

For many people, nothing beats the smell of a new pair of dry jeans. Literally, it’s the smell of craftsmanship. At every stage, from the harvesting of the cotton, through the dyeing and the weaving, down to the sewing, men and women have used their hands to create your jeans.

”For many people, nothing beats the smell of a new pair of dry jeans"

The moment you slip into your new drys they will start to adjust to your body, they will gradually become softer. Due to the properties of the indigo dye, the color will slowly rub off. The deep blue will fade. The more you wear, the more the fabric will reveal. Your lifestyle and all you’ve done during the past months will make a mark on your jeans. They will tell your story.

It all starts gallery

As we’re all different, no-one wears a pair of jeans like you do. They’ll become as unique as fingerprints. If you decide to wear your drys for a long time without washing them, they will acquire sharp contrasts where your legs create creases. The front thigh region will fade, and the same goes for the seating area.

Washing your denim early is great if you want an even, clear blue tone. There is no right or wrong way as long as you love and respect your jeans. You decide how far, and in what direction they go. But if it’s those strong contrasts you’re after, keep in mind that an early wash will reduce the chances to get that distinct look.

Why does indigo fade?

During the dyeing process, the natural cotton warp yarn is dipped into a number of indigo dye baths where it gradually turns to a deep blue color. As indigo dye can’t be completely fixated onto the cotton fibers – the color will bleed and fade as long as the denim is worn.

If you scrape a cotton warp thread with the edge of a knife, the indigo dye will bleed out and reveal the white core. The same principle applies when wearing a pair of dry jeans.