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We want your jeans back!

You get 20% off a new pair.

Trade-in your old Nudie Jeans and get 20% off a new pair.

By handing them in at any Nudie Jeans Repair Shop your pre-loved jeans will then be restored and sold as second hand in our Re-use program. That saves a lot of energy and water.

reused denim Michael

Recycling cotton fibers is one way for us to be more sustainable and decrease our environmental impact. However, recycling the fabric is a better option. We use old Nudie Jeans brought in by customers in different ways.

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The majority becomes patching material used for repair. We also use the fabric from old Nudie Jeans to make new products, such as bucket hats. And some traded in jeans we sell second-hand in our Re-use program in-store and online.