Thinking outside the shop: Reinforcing the repairs with ACS

Thinking outside the shop: Reinforcing the repairs with ACS

It was never rocket science, but just because a brilliant idea pops up, clinging to the spark is never a guarantee. Until it becomes a promise.

As long as there is a forever, sticking to our word will be a top priority. Now in 2023, around 15 years after we carefully started mending denim in-house, free repairs for life has become our legacy that we carry with us day by day. We trusted our gut feeling and went our own way, and this time is the same, but different. It has become the cornerstone of our circular foundation, and we are excited to have our new partner ACS reinforcing our commitment.

Located outside of Glasgow, B Corp-certified Advanced Clothing Solutions (ACS) are masters in circular fashion. They have been dealing with clothing rental and resale since the 90s before all the buzz, and are now using their vast experience and agility to explore repairs together with us. This is our first straight-out circularity partner in the UK and we are eager to see where this journey takes us. We know that the textile industry is in great need of diverse and scalable circularity, and we believe ACS is a hand-in-glove match.

Chris Mooney, Chief Revenue Officer at ACS Clothing, says:
"Keeping fashion textiles in circulation for longer is the backbone of what we do at ACS, and this partnership with Nudie Jeans is a perfect example of sustainable fashion in action."

In the first instance, the new remote repair station will take on some of the customer repairs from our three London stores, which will keep the lead times for repairs shorter as well as more predictable, and our Londoner friends in lesser wait for their favourite jeans.'

Gareth Cullen, Regional Retail Manager for Nudie Jeans UK, says:

"Nudie Jeans promise of free repairs is an integral part of the relationship we have with our customers. Operating the Repair Service in our retail stores has brought with it many challenges, our newfound partnership with ACS will help us to circumvent these challenges. Thus improving our capacity to repair garments and ultimately strengthening the level of service we can offer to our customers."

We love to fix what’s broken and do not worry, the sewing machines in our shops are not going anywhere. The noise from the stitches chewing denim fabric will continue to sing with the music from the speakers, and our store visitors will still have to ask twice because we didn't catch it the first time. But sometimes we have to think outside the shop. Because collaborations like this have the potential to solve the industrial challenge of making circular services accessible and affordable to a wider range of people. We believe that the sails we have set together with ACS will take us far and that a regional approach to a global need like this, plays one of the key roles in the circular infrastructure of textiles.