New Repair Partner: EBB18

Free repairs for life — a central concept and a promise we give with every pair of Nudie Jeans sold. But sometimes, the moon may be closer than our Repair Shops. So to extend our commitment to free repairs, we team up with local stores that become official Repair Partners.


The latest addition to our growing list of Repair Partners is Groningen's top dog denim dealer, EBB18. Since 1979, the store has been the place to visit for anyone looking for that perfect pair of jeans. Their passion for all things indigo and denim-related, their dedication, and being an independent shop make EBB18 a perfect fit. Aside from free repairs, they will eventually also offer a selection of Re-use jeans, to tie the concept together even more.

If you are in Groningen or close by and need repairs, definitely pay EBB18 a visit.

Wide Heidi
Wide Heidi

Wide Heidi is the opposite of the last twenty years - low, wide and swaying!