Repair Partner: WeDressFair, Paris France

Recent Nudie Jeans Repair Partner in their Paris location is a natural extension of WeDressFair's already strong concept. “FAST IS PAST”

Here, you'll discover eco-responsible and ethical clothing crafted from organic, natural, or recycled materials, produced in France, Europe, or certified factories.

WeDressFair stands as a dedicated boutique offering genuinely responsible and ethical fashion brands for men, women, and children of diverse styles and ages. Meticulously identifying, analyzing, and validating outstanding brands based on precise societal and environmental criteria, ensures a more conscientious approach to consumption for everyone.

Their mission involves combating fast fashion, greenwashing, and the superficial "green" capsule collections of certain brands, aiming to spotlight those truly excelling in sustainable practices and deserving of greater visibility.

official repair partner

Wide Heidi
Wide Heidi

Wide Heidi is the opposite of the last twenty years - low, wide and swaying!