The Naked Truth About — Maria (Erixon) Levin

It is with great pride that we introduce the great and powerful Maria (Erixon) Levin.

Maria is the artistic advisor and co-founder of Nudie Jeans. In this episode of ‘The Naked Truth About,’ we capture an intimate look at how Maria goes about her workday. We hear Maria reflect on the essence of Nudie Jeans, denim, and jeans as a garment. As we go behind the scenes, we visit Maria in the design studio at Nudie Jeans HQ and her creative studio on Sweden’s west coast. We learn how the classic Nudie Jeans orange thread came about and how we eventually ended up working with the legendary Kaihara selvage denim fabricators.

“There’s almost nothing as timeless as a pair of jeans. They can be worn by babies… you can even be buried in your jeans.”

The company started 19 years ago and since then Maria has lived a life of artistic output through her denim designs and sustainable ambitions, her vision, and passion for denim have been some of the driving forces behind the brand. In 2019 Maria released her debut book ‘Start Your Own F*cking Brand‘ (available in English and Swedish).

Nudie Jeans presents The Naked Truth About Maria (Erixon) Levin — Gothenburg, Sweden.