Welcome to Nudie Jeans Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta.


Our latest addition to our Repair Shop family is our second store in Jakarta. The new Nudie Jeans Repair Shop is located in the center of Jakarta’s shopping district, at Plaza Indonesia Mall.

Why are we opening more Repair Shops? Our CEO and co-founder Joakim Levin says it best:

“We are translating our philosophy into practice. To offer this service, tell our story, and really take our responsibility, we open more stores – if you sell many cars, you also need many workshops”

It’s no secret that we’re very proud of the design our very own In-house architect, Ida Toll, created. The store design derives from the very basics, the jeans stack, and much attention has been given to the denim shelves to create the perfect grid. The shelves are made out of Indonesian blockboard and washed-out denim hues and stretch all the way up into the ceiling gridwork. Oversized blonde wood lattice doubles as an upscaled version of a light fixture, popular in Swedish homes during the 1970s.

This is very much a – best of two worlds – store design. The balance between robust and exclusive has been toggled throughout the process to meet the Plaza Indonesia standard without losing the Nudie Jeans brand.

We don’t make that much of a difference between producing products and producing a new store. Our circular mindset flows through everything we do. For this store, as always, we’ve paid attention to using unprocessed materials where possible, avoiding plastics, laminates, and composites, making sure resources are responsibly harvested.

Welcome To Nudie Jeans Plaza Indonesia, or find a Repair Shop closer to you.


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Wide Heidi

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