Fashion Revolution Week — 2021

In 2020, we were listed as the only brand with complete transparency in the report; Out of sight: A call for transparency, from field to fabric by Fashion Revolution. To be able to make real improvements at the factory level, supply chain transparency is key.

How to repair
How to repair your jeans using a Nudie Jeans repair kit.

It is true that every pair of Nudie Jeans comes with a promise of free repairs forever. No matter where or when you bought them. 

Summer 21 Rack
Summer 21 Rack
Behind the Nudie Jeans Summer 2021 Collection.

The seasons are changing, but Gothenburg stays the same and is always the starting point in everything we do. This industrial town’s roughness is always present; every collection is an homage to our hometown, and there’s almost certainly always a nod toward popular culture.

What the FAQ – What are some of your favorite bands?

It's no secret we have a strong connection to music and its subcultures, but who are our favorite artists? Kaine, the trusty Community Coordinator, has a go at this one for all you music heads out there.

Oscar sitting on a bed with his Loose Leifs
Oscar sitting on a sofa with his Loose Leifs
A New Batch of Re-use Jeans is Now Live on

We just released a bunch of new Re-use jeans on Again, we asked our colleagues to do some closet excavation and find something special for this drop. And as usual, we struck denim gold.

What the FAQ — Why are most jeans blue?

Today Kaine navigates his way through Google search results for this truly relevant question - "Why are most jeans blue". But do we find the answer to the blue denim question for you?

What the FAQ — Why is selvage denim more expensive?

Allow Anna from our Customer Care team to break down some of the reasons why you might be investing in a new pair of selvage denim in the not-too-distant future.

What the FAQ — Is Nudie Jeans really sustainable?

We are proud of our sustainability achievements over the years. Still, we did not get here without doing the leg work, putting in the time, and investing in resources to grow in this capacity. Kevin, from CSR, tackles a big question in 48 seconds.