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Stockholm, Sweden

Our second Repair Shop in Stockholm opened in 2014 in the area of Bibliotekstan at Jakobsbergsgatan 11. It's a large shopping district with exclusive shopping and restaurants with a history of over 120 years.

We carry a selection of the latest collections, jeans, tops and others. We take care of your jeans, just hand them into us freshly washed and we’ll repair them for free. Waiting time may differ, please contact us to get the latest. You can also trade them in for a 20% discount on a new pair. Your old jeans will be sold as Re-use jeans or recycled. 

We accept one pair of jeans for repair at the same time and only walk-in customers

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Jakobsbergsgatan 11

111 44, Stockholm


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+46 10 1515720jakobsbergsgatan@nudiejeans.com@nudiejeansjakobsbergsgatan
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