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Auckland, Ponsonby, New Zealand — the Repair Shop is now open

We just opened our first Repair Shop in New Zealand. For us to extend the promise of free repairs forever seriously strengthens our brand presence in Oceania.

To us, the Repair Shop experience is a social, tactile, and inclusive experience of Nudie Jeans. It's where our customers can experience Nudie Jeans; how the brand feels, smells, and sounds. They can enjoy our women's and men's range while sitting at the denim bar, getting their jeans repaired. Aesthetics-wise we referenced Swedish Monday blues, Japanese craftsmanship, and our love of all things indigo.

Since we urge customers to wear our products a lot, we owe them the added value of free repairs. Opening more stores allow us to extend our services to more people. But there are more gains to this strategic maneuver. From a sustainability perspective, more stores mean we create a network where each 'hub' serves as a local base, increasing the longevity of the garments. And together with a local warehouse, we can reduce freight emissions.

The new outfit is located at 41 Ponsonby Road, in the Auckland suburb. We're feeling right at home, the farthest away from home we've ever been.

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