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Re-use Kaihara SelvageRe-use Kaihara Selvage

Re-use #15 – Kaihara edition

This drop is an homage to our standard Dry Selvage denim – the 13.5 oz., mid-weight Japanese selvage from Kaihara Mills, Fukuyama, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan. This denim is one of the reasons Nudie Jeans exists. It left us in awe back in 2001, and still to this day, we're stunned by how it ages.

With the release of Gritty Jackson, and to celebrate the continued legacy of our standard selvage, we give you Re-use drop #15 – Kaihara edition.


We are also proud that we can label our Re-use jeans with “Bra Miljöval”, the Swedish “Good Environmental Choice” eco label issued by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (Naturskyddsföreningen).

In 2018, we introduced Re-use Online, where in limited drops we made pre-loved denim available in our online shop. The results have been great, and all drops sold out within a few days. Nudie Jeans wants to take responsibility for the impact that we create, which is why we have chosen to explore ways to reuse the fabric of our old denim by turning it into new products that we can sell again, as the first step before up-cycling and later on recycling at a fiber scale.

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