Re-use – Drop 17

Our Re-use concept is pretty straightforward: handed-in Nudie Jeans, washed, repaired and sold again as second-hand. For Re-use drop #17, we sought inspiration from the oldest, most beautiful repair techniques: quilting and patching. These methods have been around for several hundred years. So, together with product development, we headed to our central warehouse and poured over bins and boxes of product samples and old fabric sample pieces.

Every piece in this small, tightly curated drop is on of one. Very beautiful, and truly unique. We hope to inspire others to save old scraps, and give it a go. It’s a bit hard at first, but so is walking. Re-use #17 is one for the books, so definitely check it out.

It’s a great way to do the planet a favor, but also a short cut to a unique garments that tell a story. These sell out fast, so if you miss your chance, you can always start your own break-in journey.

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