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The Galeries Repair Shop — a supersized jack-in-the-box

Our vision for the Repair Shops is to create sensory and social shopping experiences where we can showcase our product while letting details and finish choices tell our brand story and philosophy.

Doing all these things within a finite space could present a challenge. Keeping vast amounts of options and sizes accessible in-store is essential to enable our customers to enjoy both the forest and the trees simultaneously. At the Galeries, we created a supersized jack-in-the-box, with hidden compartments and inconspicuous drawers, to keep every bit and bob neatly organized.

The open space allows for interaction and gives customers an overview of the assortment. To manifest our take on sustainability and our love for denim, we placed the sewing machine and a majestic denim shelf visible from the outside.

If you ever need denim or repairs, or you just want a pair of unique Re-use jeans, swing by the shop.

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