World map showing location of repair spots.

Repair Spots.

As we provide the jeans, we also take care of them when they’re torn. Just wash your jeans and hand them in to your closest Nudie Jeans Repair Shop, Repair partners or look out for our mobile repair station.

Repair Shops

Nudie Jeans Repair Shops are hubs for our jeans to be repaired, resold as second-hand or even donated to the Nudie Jeans recycling program.

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Repair Partners

Repairs can be carried out in all types of ways. One way we choose is to work with people around us. From now on you shouldn’t be surprised if your Nudie Jeans reseller would set up a permanent repair station in close collaboration with us.

Mobile Repair Station

Repairs are on the road. We’ll pop in for a day or two, repairing jeans on the spot. Simple as that.

Our tour manager is currently planning the upcoming tour.

New dates will be announced here soon.
Stay tuned for updates!