Nudie Jeans Repair Shop Berlin


Berlin, Germany

Close to Alexanderplatz in the lively area Mitte you find our Nudie Jeans Repair Shop. Among restaurants, bars, and other retailers we are located on Memhardstrasse 7. We carry a selection of our latest collections including jeans, tops, and accessories. 

Repair Service

We also offer free repairs on all Nudie Jeans denim. For hygienic reasons, we will only repair clean jeans, fresh out of the washing machine. Please make sure your jeans have dried before dropping them off. The repair service is limited to one pair at a time and is only for walk-in customers. Waiting time may differ, please contact us to get the current one. 

Re-use Program

Handing in your worn or unwanted pair of Nudie Jeans gets you 20% off a new pair in store, please bring them in freshly washed. Your trade-in jeans will be mended and resold as Re-use denim from our Re-use program offered in-store.

Address & Contact Info

Memhardstraße 7

10178, Berlin


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