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/ Nudie Jeans Sustainability Report 2018


Our vision is to become the most sustainable denim company.

Since the beginning, environmental and social sustainability has been the essence of Nudie Jeans.

With a “wear, tear and repair” mindset rather than fast fashion, we provide and maintain a tradition true to the fabric history and characteristics. We believe that no fabric ages quite as beautifully as denim; the longer you wear your jeans, the more character and attitude they acquire. We don’t just offer jeans. We offer a way of thinking, a concept, and an undying passion, fueled by the traditions of denim and the characteristics of the fabric itself.

"To work with sustainability in the core processes of our daily operations is a priority for Nudie Jeans, and a key factor in the decision making process, both strategically and operationally. The daily work consists of continuous improvements, via audits, followups, chemical handling and innovations, such as the living wage program and the recent development of our Repair and Re-use service."

/ Joakim Levin - CEO

2018 was an exciting year.

Building a sustainable and innovative denim brand is what Nudie Jeans is all about, and 2018 was an exciting year full of progress. We had over 98% sustainable garments in our collections, the highest number to date. We have made it possible for more people to buy our most sustainable product – Re-use jeans – since we launched Re-use Online, incorporating Re-use jeans in our online shop. We have repaired more Nudie Jeans than ever and with our Mobile Repair Station we have traveled to new destinations to repair our customers ́ jeans.

In 2018, we replaced our leather patches with patches made from paper for all our denim, marking yet another important step in our sustainability work.


We have recently focused a lot of our communication on sustainability, with the campaign Get the Balance Right, to deliver the message about our organic cotton, living wages and repair and Reuse activities. In general, we believe in communicating by doing, and our products carry the sustainability message. We also value the opportunity to educate our customers by promoting sustainable consumption patterns.

In 2018, we created our own sustainable material tool to further clarify how we define sustainable materials, and our sourcing strategy has become even more firmly rooted, which helps us tackle future challenges, while staying true to Nudie Jeans’ core values, with concern for human rights, development, security and anti corruption. Following this direction gives us a good chance to incorporate sustainability in all aspects of our products in our daily operations. As part of an industry with such a high use of natural resources, we must acknowledge our role and focus our efforts on high-risk impact areas, which for us are cotton growing and wet processing.

We are very proud of what we have accomplished so far, and by continuing our practical approach to sustainability, we will take further steps toward a leading position in the fashion and denim industry. In the coming years, in addition to our existing sustainability work, we will take action to map, reduce and compensate for our carbon emissions with the goal of becoming carbon neutral for our full supply chain by 2025.