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Hero Sustainability report 2020
Nudie Jeans Sustainability Report 2020

Reflections on 2020 and the future.

"In terms of our sustainability ambitions and work, last year made it even more clear that sustainability is one of our core pillars. Much of our sustainability-related work was carried out as planned despite that the pandemic affected our daily life and other parts of the business. We managed to complete some long-lasting projects such as Product transparency and GOTS certification and started some new ambitious work such as the grievance and capacity building program in Turkey. Our long-term focus on sustainable services makes us an even stronger competitor on the market post-COVID-19, and giving us loyal partners, customers, and employees, and hope for the future."

// Joakim Levin CEO, Nudie Jeans

We are very proud of what we have accomplished so far, and by continuing our practical approach to sustainability, we will take further steps to maintain our leading position in the denim industry. In the coming years, the focus will be on adapting the business model to future challenges and taking an active role in working towards a more sustainable society.

Looking back at an unusual year, 2020 turned out to be nothing like what we expected – especially regarding financial effects on the business, our suppliers, and our retailers. In a year of changed conditions, we had the opportunity for additional reflection on our current situation. In addition, having a strong analytical eye on the present and future enables us to make sure our sustainability ambitions can grow even stronger. The pandemic has led us to shift our focus from supplier compliance to follow up on COVID-19 safety measures and precautions, and to hold more frequent dialogues with suppliers to listen to the needs of their employees. In the section on COVID-19, we will outline the actions we took during the year.

Despite the COVID-19 situation, we managed to complete some long-term projects, such as increased product transparency. Our warehouse and head office became GOTS certified, allowing us to sell GOTS certified products in our online store. We also engaged in a project to support grievance channels and capacity building for cotton farmers in Turkey, a suitable project, since Nudie Jeans aims to take responsibility from raw material to the product’s end of life. This project gives us a wonderful opportunity to gain insight into a part of the supply chain that is not yet well explored.

We continued to have a high percentage of sustainable products in our collection, and for the second year, we mapped our entire supply chain’s water data and CO2 emissions and invested in carbon offsetting to cover our business’s full emissions. Periods of local and national lockdowns due to the pandemic were also reflected in the opening hours of our stores. This in turn affected re-pairs and sales of secondhand products, but even so, we managed to repair 45,900 pairs in total globally. A great product that came out of a local initiative in Australia was the Ture Recycled Blanket, made with post-consumer Nudie Jeans and recycled wool. On the communications side, in 2020, we all went digital, and the number of interviews, podcasts, and public speeches increased, allowing us to spread the word about the brand and what we do. We also increased our sustainability communication on all of our platforms.

The Nudie Jeans Sustainability department, Kevin Gelsi, Sustainability Coordinator, Eliina Brinkberg, Environmental Manager and Sandya Lang, Sustainability Manager.

/ The Nudie Jeans Sustainability department, Kevin Gelsi, Sustainability Coordinator, Eliina Brinkberg, Environmental Manager, and Sandya Lang, Sustainability Manager.

Highlights 2020.


We were ranked as Fair Wear Foundation leaders –for the 7th year in a row.

Fair Wear Foundation logo

Sustainable products

We produced 98,6% sustainable products. According to our Sustainable Material Tool we define a garment or accessory as sustainable when it contains at least of 70% sustainable fibers

Product transparency

We reached a new level of Product transparency – showing all tiers of the supply chain for WI20 collection.


  • Our CEO was awarded first prize in Sustainable leadership 2020.

  • Nudie Jeans won Drapers Sustainable Fashion Award for our progress towards circularity.

  • Nudie Jeans was shortlisted as top 3 in the Traders category in Fairtrade award,

  • Nudie Jeans nominated for the annual award category Courage and Pace by the Swedish Environment Protection Agency


We had 97% of our supply chain under monitoring.

Textile exchange

We were placed in the Leading category in the Textile Exchange Material Change Index.

Certified organic cotton

We are proud to say that we only work with organic cotton.

Recycled Ture

We launched the Ture Recycled Blanket, made with recycled post-consumer Nudie jeans and recycled wool.

Ture NJ x WM Recycled Blanket

GOTS Certified

Nudie Jeans became GOTS Certified, allowing us to launch our first GOTS certified products in our online shop.

Sağ Salim

We joined the Sağ Salim program – Supporting a grievance channel and capacity building for cotton farmers in Turkey.

Emissions Mapping

We mapped all our emissions and water data from our full supply chain in accordance with the Green-house Gas Protocol for the second year in a row.

Offset emissions

We have offset our business’ full emissions through the UN Carbon Offset Platform.

45,900 repaired Nudie Jeans in 2020.

45,900 repaired Nudie Jeans in 2020.45,900 repaired Nudie Jeans in 2020.

45,900 repaired Nudie Jeans in 2020.

We reached a NPS of 80.3

"I like the fact that you’re able to repair the jeans if needed and that they’re made from organic cotton."

"Sustainability, good quality and fair conditions for workers are the most important things when I buy clothes."

"Responsible, sustainable clothing with a perfect fit."