Everblack – Denim that doesn’t fade

EVERBLACK Denim that doesn’t fade Normally when you dye a fabric, the pigment cannot completely be fixated onto the yarn and fibers. You will end up with excess dye that remains unfixed on the surface. Eventually it will tear off as you wear and wash your garment. In the EVERBLACK case, the method and type ...

New Fit: Fearless Freddie

Fearless Freddie is a loose anti-fit with a normal waist and a carrot shaped silhouette. It’s got a regular leg opening, button fly and available in four options.    

Ay, captain! I broke me denim in on the high seas.

Love is a jack of many trades. On his resumé you’ll find titles such as filmmaker, substitute teacher, biker, and sailor. Lately he’s back at the university, studying to become an artist. These Steady Eddies have been worn for two years, and has been washed a few times. Years of hard work pays off, but you know, every ...

It all starts with a pair of drys

For some people, breaking in jeans is a sport. And for all of us, it’s definitely a challenge. Breaking in a pair of dry jeans is a journey lasting six months. The outcome depends on how you travel. Sitting around in the office won’t grace the denim as much as if used while repairing motorcycles. ...

New Fit Dude Dan

Dude Dan: A new regular fit with a regular rise, button fly, straight leg and a slim leg opening.    

New Fit Tilted Tor

Please welcome Tilted Tor! This is our new anti-fit with a slim tapered leg. The waist is slightly tilted with a high back rise and a normal front. So if you are looking for something new with a narrow leg opening , Tilted Tor is the one for you.

User Stories: Jeppe

BREAKING IN DENIM is a sport. It takes time, patience and a bit of magic. Jeppe is no amateur, he’s broken in many a pair over the years, but these Brute Knut Dry Selvage presented him with a somewhat new experience. – I’ve broken in selvage more times than I can remember, but this is ...

User Stories: Ben

Ben started wearing his Grim Tim Dry Selvage the first day of his temporary position here at HQ. The intention was to go the full distance and wash them after 6 months, but landed a full time position so the jeans have yet to see the inside of the washer. “During 6 months, without washing, the ...

The Bowery Repair Shop Is Open!

The wait is over New York City! On Thursday, November 5th at 11 am, we opened up the doors to the Bowery Repair Shop. All the hard work the guys put in was definitely worth it. The Repair Shop is located on 188 Bowery and offers our most recent collection, plus free repairs on all ...

Pronto Denim Carnival 2015

The Pronto Denim Carnival 2015 was a great success – it always is. Denim tuk-tuk, old and new friends, well-worn denim and the release of the limited edition Arnuphap Replica. We’d like to thank everyone who came and visited us and we’ll see you again next year! Should you be interested in buying the replica, it’s ...

The Weight: Defining Ounces

When you buy a pair of dry jeans you’re often informed that you’re dealing with a “this-or-that” ounce quality. A few people know about this, some don’t care, and some people might feel a little embarrassed to ask what it actually means. Here is an easy rundown of what we’re talking about. The dry denim ...


  Over the course of the past 6 months we’ve seen Steven break in his Dry Selvage Steady Eddies in a spectacular way. An unfortunate turn of events made it impossible for Steven to follow through with his 12 Month Break-In Journey. However we’re glad that we got 6 months of great wear and tear, ...

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