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Willkommen bei Nudie Jeans, hier sind unsere neuesten Updates

  1. Nudie Jeans Winter 21 is a tribute to the accidental art happening when craftsmanship and wearing the product interplay.

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  2. Straight from the birthplace of Japanese denim, Okayama – here's Tuff Tony Ten-Pin Selvage.

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  3. A declaration of love for the ever-evolving soul of denim. We explore what made us fall in love with denim in the first place – the blue, the black, and all the shades and hues in-between, like rainbows. Jeans and jackets, crafted from the finest Japanese selvage denim.

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  4. This collection is an aesthetic exploration of Nudie Jeans and our influences over the past 20 years.

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  5. Jede Nudie Jeans kommt mit
    dem Versprechen auf kostenlose Reparaturen. Egal, wann
    oder wo du sie gekauft hast.