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  • Organic cotton
  • 11.75 oz. comfort stretch denim
  • Black threads on all seams
  • Antique silver trims
  • Leather patch
  • Zip Fly
  • Slim tapered fit
  • Slim leg opening

Made in TN


We do a bunch of different washes, some plain and others more intricate - or authentic, as we like to say. The ones we call our ”replicas” are, however, in a category by themselves. These washes are so close to their original reference that they are nothing less than a replication of their worn and torn original. When a replica is made, it is made by the best wash-artisans at the best denim laundries we know. It is a process of precision and perfectionism that we value highly and the result is the top tier of our washes. This is a replica of Johan’s jeans made in our slim, tapered, fit Lean Dean. It is made in one of our favorite black denim fabrics and these replicas very well show why we love it so much – it has a nice yarn slub and the yarns has a white core that gives the jeans their clean grey tone. Just as Johan’s jeans these have sharp yet muted wear-marks that in some areas are roughed up. At the knees, the holes have been repaired by darning over black denim patches on the inside of the jeans – a durable and beautiful way of repairing black denim. With wearing and washing, these jeans will continue to evolve. So, over time you will leave your own mark, and these jeans will become a hybrid of yours and Johan’s wear.


Care Instructions