A few sustainable seconds on why sustainability matters

We just released our annual Sustainability Report. And if you follow us on the regular, you know that we put a lot of work into this matter because it matters — a lot.

Auckland, Ponsonby, New Zealand — the Repair Shop is now open

We just opened our first Repair Shop in New Zealand. For us to extend the promise of free repairs forever seriously strengthens our brand presence in Oceania.

Living wages: utopia or future of purchasing practices?

Living wages are a hot topic within the fashion industry and have been for some years. Since 2020, we have been conducting a living wage pilot study with Mini Rodini, ARMEDANGELS, and Kings of Indigo, together with and at our shared supplier, Mergü, in Turkey.

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Designed by Nudie Jeans, customized by local denim dealers

We've got special orders out for delivery. They will be available exclusively at select neighborhood denim dealers worldwide May 18.

New Repair Partner: EBB18

The latest addition to our growing list of Repair Partners is Groningen's, EBB18. If you are in Groningen and need repairs, definitely pay them a visit!

The Galeries Repair Shop — a supersized jack-in-the-box

In March, we reopened our Repair Shop at the Galeries in Sydney. And this new fit serves as the perfect place to experience Nudie Jeans full-on.

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What the FAQ - Do jeans get looser with time?

Will jeans get looser over time? It wouldn't be a stretch to state that they probably will.

What the FAQ - Does Nudie recycle jeans?

One of the missions here at Nudie Jeans is for all Nudie jeans to be taken care of before and after purchase. This means we must recycle and develop techniques with our manufactures for incorporating recycled Nudie Jeans fabrics into our collections.

What the FAQ - Will vinegar stop my jeans from fading?

In this episode of What the FAQ, we tackle one of the most peculiar questions we have had sent in to date ­– “will vinegar stop my jeans from fading?”

Praise the sun
Praise the sun – Bossa Denim and the solar panels

Since 2018, Nudie Jeans has mapped all emissions in all three scopes following the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. It covers everything from stores, offices, company cars, and emissions in production, including transport and the user phase.

What the FAQ - What's the deal with the weight of the jeans?

Ounces here and Oz's there, so what is all this talk about denim and imperial units? In this episode of What the FAQ, we're looking into what is so interesting about heavy denim and what it might bring to the table for you.