Living wages: utopia or future of purchasing practices?

Living wages are a hot topic within the fashion industry and have been for some years. Since 2020, we have been conducting a living wage pilot study with Mini Rodini, ARMEDANGELS, and Kings of Indigo, together with and at our shared supplier, Mergü, in Turkey.

Praise the sun
Praise the sun – Bossa Denim and the solar panels

Since 2018, Nudie Jeans has mapped all emissions in all three scopes following the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. It covers everything from stores, offices, company cars, and emissions in production, including transport and the user phase.

We got on A
The grades are in – and we got an A

The Ethical Fashion Report has been one of Australia's leading publications on ethical fashion since 2013. In this year's report, 420 brands representing 98 companies were ranked, and we're thrilled to be among the 20 who received an A or A+.

Re-use Drop 14 Anton Stenros Loose Leifs
Re-use #14 is now available online

We are back with another impressive drop of Re-use jeans. This time we've collected around 70 pairs of beautiful, well-worn jeans, ready for their next chapter.

Fall 21 image CSR blue
We might just be the most transparent denim company in the world...

Transparency is not an end in itself, but it has a lot of significance for us and our sustainability work. If we are completely transparent with what happens in our supply chain, it is easier for our customers to consume responsibly.

Nudie Jeans HQ
It is happening again! We keep creating material change

We are ranked as leaders and are proud to demonstrate our transparency and commitment to source sustainable materials.

We just added a new Repair Partner: Res Res, Copenhagen

Our Repair Partners are a vital part of our quest to offer free repair forever.